The Journey of a Bag

Year: 2019

This is a story about a child and his growing journey in forest school. ~

L has never put his bag down in forest school sessions since he started with us. He has always seem emotionally stuck and his body has always been quite uptight. The bag in our (parent and coaches) eyes, since day 1, has been a symbol and indicator of the emotional and conditional “baggage” that he carries with himself.

L wont touch the water, or let himself be “dirty” in the play during the session. He wont even put his bag down on the ground to take his stuff, he will wedge it between his knees to do it.

But things started to develop and change in his third session with us.

On that very fateful day, he was happily creating symbols and structure on the sand floor. And then he wedge his bag between his knees, and squat down close to the floor, the bag was almost on the ground. (The coaches were getting very excited with the development).

But then he stood up.

15minutes passed by, and this happen.

L has put his “bag” down on the side.

He has let go. ~

I jumped and shouted out in absolute joy. I could feel my heart and buddy fizzle in some of the most beautiful moment that life can give. (The kiddos thought I was crazy). Coaches and Parents saw his body and facial expression changed after that moment. He was more comfortable and at ease. His mental and physical well-being was evidently raised. I cannot describe how much this meant to me as a Forest School coach to see this little seemingly unimportant moment, happen in front of my eyes in such a short time of FS.

This really shows how much the connection and relationship amongst the teacher, parents, environment and children allow the space for children to let go, be themselves and live free and happy. For this, sums up what we do in Forest School. We are not here to teach some skills or knowledge, or take the classroom outdoor. We are here to hold the space, connect and let our children truely be themselves. Wild and Free. It is in this spirituality and meaning that we go on doing what we do. Thank you everyone for coming together and trusting this way of life.

Written By:
Coach Darren
Forest School Singapore

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