The First Forest School Session in Singapore (Pioneer 6)

Year : 2016

Pitty Patty, the rain drop fell. Around the land of forest, the weather was cold and wet, but the Pioneer 6 trek on. 6 colourful raincoat emerges from the woods, into the Loop junction. We have arrived at the “Big Umbrella Garden”.


The Pioneer 6

5 November, a culmination of the hours and hours of hardwork, put into bringing together the forest school movement has beared our first fruit, the Forest School Weekend. It is the first forest school session that we have done.

The pioneer 6, are now our regular 6. They range from 3 years old to 8 years old. Some has been in other nature program before, so they love the mud and would stretch out their hands on obstacles when they climb. Some of them hasnt been around nature or the woods, so they are very cautious when trekking and putting their hands on the trees.

As the pioneer 6 progress on, they begin to connect with each other, the seniors took initiative on their own to lay bridges for the juniors. It was a heart warming scene. But it was also really interesting to see their dynamic naturally blossom in understanding the likes and dislikes of each other. When the senior realise the juniors kind of wanted to be muddy and wet, they realise the bridge was not necessary for the mud loving forest kiddo, they move on. The scene was beautiful.

They trek in the rain, played in river, led the way. Everything they do are self-initiated. The Forest school leader and parent volunteer did not step in one single bit. At the end of the first session, we shared what we like and dislike about the session.

Here in Forest School, we want everyone to be able to be themselves, and what they feel about the things they are uncomfortable with, are themselves, so we allow for space to be angry, sad, scared or defensive. Slowly but surely, the bonds and environment, will reveal the beauty of our children, our Forest School kids.

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