The Art of Casting Spells

Language, the channel of communication that is most widely used in our developed civilization of humanity, has been one of the key components driving almost everything we do in the time since verbal and written language were first invented. In the recent years of modern history, language has been taken lightly, due to the power of wealth and money. However, social media and “fake” news have highlighted to us the power that language can take on to activate the deepest fear and motivation of the human kind. 

What if we treat the use of language as a form of spell casting? How will we speak, write and communicate? Will we “curse” unnecessarily? Will we give more “blessings” to those that we care and love for? 

Ever wonder why learning words is being termed as “spelling”? Well, I very much believe that it is rooted from the idea that we are casting spells everytime we say something. That is why we need to “spell” l correctly, for it would be the difference between blessing or cursing. 

In ancient times, incantations were prevalent across all cultures and civilisations. Some of them still practice it. In the Orang Laut tribes, it is said that spells are casted on the Spear that their fishermen use to hunt with. The Spear is revered and respected so highly, that the butt of the Spear cannot touch the ground, otherwise the owner of the Spear will fall ill. We have also probably heard stories of families being burdened with words of their ancestors. All these are not new to many of us. 

In the modern era, the similarities are not as clear, though it is still as prevalent. The curses and mockery, as experienced through social media, have deeply troubled many people to even contemplate suicide or lose themselves. Tell me that it is not similar to casting spells to curse one towards destruction or death. We have also seen the simple encouragement and words of teachers, empowering an individual to greatness. Those are the spells that bless and inspire. 

Spells are words that activate the spirit of an individual or group to create or destroy. It is neutral by itself, only taking form from the intention and belief of the caster.

Have you thought, what spells did you cast today to the person you work with or the family you are living with? 

How can we cast better spells, and set ourselves up for a more balanced state of life? 

Here are some pieces of advice that I have learnt over the years from various teachers and mentors.

1. Recognise the strength of our words, written or spoken. Acknowledge that they have lasting effects on others. It goes both ways in enabling us to deliver the power of the spell, but also allows us to recognise the curses that come our way and block them from entering our mind and spirit. Recognising it can both heal and hurt, the choice is up to us. 

2. Realise the words used by the Corporation and People to convince us to deter or buy. The awareness helps us to know the spells that others cast on us to take action. It is one of the easiest to do in modern times due to the amount of advertisement and language of sales that come our way every day. 

3. Practice consciously the right words we say or words used to communicate our ideas and expressions. For example, use “WHEN” instead of “IF” for things we hope will happen, for it will definitely happen by the prophecy we call. It will just be a matter of time. “IF” is used as a statement which may not happen, due to that sub-conscious doubt we have. However, for situations which we hope would never happen, “IF” serves its spell casting purpose. 

With the knowledge and magic at hand now, I have another thought…

What spells would you want to cast on yourself today? 

What is one spell you are aware of that someone casted on you? 

Which spells would you want to block? 

The magic of spell casting lies in its neutrality. The ball is always in our court for casting spells. With such power, the question is how would you use it? 

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