Story: Children the Nomad

“Let the land rest, Lets move to another space” , Children exclaimed.

She hop on towards the light sprinkled forest floor, leading to the red clayed river plain in the distance. Children celebrated her 7th birthday two days ago. She had a little daisy planted between her hair.

She turn around and said, “Isnt the daisy beautiful? I took it from the previous field with the permission of the grasshoppers amongst them.” Children had been out in the magical woodlands since her 3rd birthday. She love every minute of her abundant time in this space.


“How long have we been walking?” , you asked.  “2-hours I think, the Sun is close to the centre now.” Children replied. She carried no watch, just a short knife, a tape, a long rope, a water bottle and a lunch box with greens and an egg, from the chicken she raise at home. Children dont like to bring too much, because its heavy. She picks sustainably from the woodland, most of her learning-aid.

Children turns around cheekily and asked, “Are you tired?” You smiled and nodded.

“Lets take a break then, theres a huge purple wood tree in front. You can rest under him” , Children sang to you.

Children took out her knife and whittle away on her stick, her magic stick. You look closely, and saw a gorgeous pattern on the stick. She carved it while resting. Her little hands were a soily and blistery.


“Are you ok?” , you asked. Children smiled and said shes ok. “Do you know my hand became tougher? I used to get bigger blister (whittling). Hehehe” , Children giggle.

“We have arrive at the River plain, Yayyyyy”, Children dashed across the plain.


“Look at me, Im the princess of the river plain”, Children thump onto the little fern patches by the river, rustling the butterflies and grasshoppers amongst them.

“My dear princess arent you afraid you will sit or lie on some of your insect friends when you fall on the bushes?” , you curiously asked.

Children smile gently and whispered, “Its all a balance, what will happen will come together as one with me and them. We are one you know?”

In The Wild.jpg

Your eyes turn to the flowing river. The river water sparkles under the sun rays. You felt your breathe visiting you.

Children leaped and drifted with the wind like a balloon floating through the wind, “Come let me bring you to a special place…

Between the Earth and the Stars”

An autumn leaf featherly landed on the empty plain.

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