Sebastian and the Cracking Leaves

Sebastian was a special child, he was born with leg deformity, autism and partial hearing impairment. But Sebastian was a key difference maker in affecting how the forest school session was understood in the eyes of Coach Darren.


In the sports and outdoor coaching session with Sebastian, he would always pluck a few leaves to crack them apart into small pieces, while doing a short walk or jog around the park. At first, Darren could never understand why he does it, and tried to stop him from doing it. But it didn’t work, Sebastian would still do it when Darren is not looking. One day, it dawned on Darren, that he should do what Sebastian does, just to feel what Sebastian feels when plucking and cracking the leaves. Darren plucked some leaves, and crack them into small pieces… he experience the sensation of the sounds and vibrations of he crack, it has an alleviating feeling, as if some pressure are released within the motion. He finally got it.

When we stand from outside the sphere looking in, we would never understand the world another living being is going through, only through immersing ourselves in their experience, can we fully connect with them, and understand ourselves better. And by being more aware of ourselves, we subconsciously resonate with anyone within our proximity.

This realisation, came from a teaching moment that Sebastian gave to Coach Darren.

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