Rebecca Ko (A Strength of FSS)

It is with a pleasant heart and blessing of memories that we (FSS) will be bidding farewell to our Manpower Manager and Master Coach Rebecca Ko. She has been a long time team member of FSS stretching back all the way to 2017. 

Rebecca (at the far right), co-leading a SEED Institude’sEarly Childhood Lecturer Field Trip with Darren (2017)

Rebecca started with us as a coach, and was for a short period of time, a full-time coach and manager of FSS from Jun-Dec 2017. She left for a full time Educator job in 2018 but returned to become our Manpower Manager in late 2018. From then on for the past 45 months, she has been the Payroll Manager ensuring that all our coaches and managers are paid on time and accurately. During her time as a Manager, she also actively contributed to the Recruitment and HR issues, always providing her level headed mind and passionate persona in the back-end work of HR management. 

Rebecca (in Lime Green) with the Wildcats Wednesday (2017)

Rebecca to me, represents the strength of FSS. In her short full-time tenure with us, she was undergoing a really tough episode in her family. She will take all the weekday morning sessions, go to the hospital for her family in the afternoon, and settle the backend work of managers at night. All these, without a whim or a whine. She is truly an inspiration for us. 

Rebecca (bottom), with Germaine (ex-VP) and Chelsea (Deployment Manager) at a Deployment & HR Matters Meeting (2020)

Becky (as I like to affectionately call her), has also been a really dear friend. During her first exit in late 2017, I (Darren) was so distraught and lost the presence of one of our pillars of FSS that time, that I got really bad in terms of behaviour towards the team. Becky knew a lot about it, and came back at the tail end of 2018, to support us once more. That whole journey was itself like a magical pathway that brought us together once more. 

Now as the curtain draws down beautifully, Rebecca moves on with her own personal journey in life. We wish her all the best.

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