OBS Season 2: Melvin the Visualist

Dearest Forest School Singapore

“It takes a village to raise a child” truly represents what you stand for. Thank you for giving Dania and I the opportunity to immerse ourselves with these beautiful children as they journey their time here at Forest School. Each session with these children expanded my perspective that marrying children and nature can truly develop tangible and intangible growth in them.

I got to witness how important the role of your coaches plays in the sessions. Every word, posture, tone and encouragement played such a critical part in allowing these children to learn and experience new discoveries. The time and space catered to these children provided many platforms of learning. From fighting to reconciling and forgiving each other ‘organically’ without adults telling them to was just simply amazing! 

The biggest highlight was witnessing a ‘town’ council. Children roleplay as lawyers defending their own house, speaker, a board of jurors and citizens raising their worries and cases to improve the rules of the village. What a sight to see! It is such a beauty to see this because it provided them a choice in speaking their minds and sharing their perspective. Additionally, I love the ‘circle time’ after each session. This creates a space for everyone to voice what they love and dislike about the day allowing others to learn to empathize and hear how others feel.

Lastly, I am truly grateful for the path crossed with each individual coach. Truly, you have opened up my perspective in ways I can never imagine. Thank you for being so genuine and loving. I am grateful.

Melvin Lam (2022)
Your season 2 OBS attaché 

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