OBS Season 2: Dania the Sketch-ist

Dearest Forest School Singapore

A passionate and down to earth community welcomes everyone that places the utmost trust in the universe and what the universe provides for all of us. The space that was paved for me allowed me to unlearn and relearn various approaches of guiding children, having a different perspective of viewing teachable moments from children and comfortably, holding the space for the children to grow. I give appreciation to the natural environment for providing a safe place and granting me to witness its magic.

Being able to have first hand interaction alongside the children and fellow coaches that shares the same belief made the experience heartwarming and fulfilling. I got to be in most sessions where children expressed their emotions freely as they tapped on their peers and environment to resolve the issue or regulate those emotions respectively at their own accord. This is with minimal intervention from coaches as we observed them from afar.

I, too, learnt a lot from the children whenever they communicated with their surroundings. Especially a particular moment of play turned into a wrestling match at an open area adjacent to Wallace Education Centre. The concrete lines were safety barriers and the different color shades of the surface platform morphed into wrestling zones. Although the term, “wrestling match” might sound daunting, the safety limit set by the children was clear for all to comprehend and some of them even stood off the platform to provide the safety net whenever needed. It was all instinctive!

All the play that was left to do was to push fellow wrestlers with their arms out of the fighting zone. Children were content. I was genuinely amazed by their simplicity of play as they did not depend on artificial materials to keep them motivated.

It is the space, the people and community that made it all happen. This humbling experience has broadened my frame of mind that education for children is not linear and all possibilities are endless with nature as its primary setting. It has been proven here in Forest School Singapore. Thank you all that have walked this journey with me!

Dania Syazana (2022)
Season 2 FSS Attache´

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