National Consciousness Forum (NCF) #1 : Children & Nature (Round 1) 

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NCF #1 : Children & Nature

General Overview
(Written by Host, Darren)

The session started off, even before the event officially kicked off, as passionate and enthusiastic individuals came together organically. They sat themselves in a circle Naturally, and started debating through various topics from Nature to Education to Development to Philosophy.

When the discussion started, there was a good and healthy discourse amongst the folks who are for the wilder form of Nature Education and the folks who are for a more regulated form of Nature and Outdoor Education. The argument thither on the sensitivity of our existing Natural environment and the need to educate the existing and incoming outdoor and Nature educators about the current condition of our land. But overall, everyone could agree that outdoor and Nature education will not lead to the death of Singapore’s Nature, instead it will be the excessive development that may be the more plausible cause. There was an alignment with regards to the need to work together and be more collaborative, listen to each other out and find common ground to support the narrative for change at the macro layer. 

Everyone had their chance to air their view and perspective with regards to the topic of Children and Nature. Many of us were able to share our experiences, knowledge and even struggles. 

At the second half of the forum, we tried our hand on sharing our individual vision about the future of Nature and Outdoor Education in Singapore. Everyone took their turns to share their vision or perspective on the question (See Note below). The sharing closed off with a sense of solidarity about where we are and what we hope for. But it also gives us a glimpse of what is possible, and the steps we could take to adjust to better improve the state of the Conservation Vs Education issue.

Many individuals asked when we will be having the next one, as I shared that we intend to hold more Children & Nature forum rounds, because it will only get better and clearer with more rounds of practice of engaging in a healthy discourse and connection. We will be working on the next few rounds. When you are interested in helping organise future forums, P-EM me (

What do you envision Outdoor and Nature education’s future to look like?
MOE Curriculum
Designated Location
Main Subject in School
Spiritual Reverence
Curiosity & Imagination
Help Children make the Connection
Feeling of Education & Connection
Balance to Technology
Parents Embrace
Top Down Approach to Assist the Parents Embracing
Incorporate in School Curriculum (2-3 Times a Week)
In School Curriculum like UWC
Realisation and Value of Environment
Political Will to Drive the Movement
Regulatory Body to align the ways of working
FS as a mental well being management tool
Acceptance that there will be No relationship with the Land
Empowerment by it
Balance impact with Stakeholders
Leadership over Majority > Focus on Minority to influence the rest
Obsolete of the Movement
No Need for Human Intervention with regards to Environment
Communal Consciousness
Sensibility of the Urbanscape
Awareness that the movement is for Humanity not for the Environment
School for the Environment being started
TTKC : PA x CC Division of Nature & Outdoor Education
Allow for Outdoor and Nature Education to be Regionalise (Malaysia, Indo, SG)

Note Taken by Zoe Xu (In general)
Overdevelopment that leads to the death of Outdoor Education
Educate Adults and Children
Find out Impact of our Activities
Land Rotation : Letting the Land Rest
Other Activities that may have greater impact like military training
Designated Location for Forest School Education > More Mainstream
Spiritual Reverence for Nature
Outdoors as a balance Scale
Importance of Nature > Public Education
Increase Value of Nature
Frequency of Site & Interaction with the Environment
Viewing FS Experience as a “Journey”
Change in Social Landscape
Outdoor Learning Education
Leave No Trace > Extended Throughout Outdoor Education
Nature is Resilient
Intrinsic Measurement of Consciousness

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