Methods of Encouraging Behaviour

Methods of encouraging behaviour that is appropriate at a Forest School

In Forest School, encouraging learners to discover for themselves the answers and realisation is important, hence the methods of encouraging are important aspect to look into.

When encouraging a child to take the step into uncertainty, it is important that we as leaders and facilitators be the role model for a start. We have to take those steps first, to show them that it is possible, that will give them a figure to look up to.

Another method, is to ask questions pertaining to their feelings and thoughts about what is ahead, and whether they are ready for it.

Acknowledgement of the learners’ achievement and pride in their activities completed, is also important.

These methods gives learners a sense of security and assurance that they can and have the ability to explore further independently.

However, there will be times, where inappropriate behaviour arise during the session.

We have to step in and rectify it, but in the same manner, through questioning the learners about their feelings and thoughts while doing it, letting them reflect on their own the different ways of handling them, instead of the methods they previously chose.

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