Kumpung Chanteh & The Magical RifRanl Forest

Once upon a time, in the land of Rohan, there lived a group of villagers called Kumpung Chanteh. The Chanteh live along the crystal side of the magical RifRanl Forest. The Chantehs get to play in RifRanl, with the permission of the mystical guardians of the forest, The Elders of Mayfornian. Eresse, a teacher of Kumpung Chanteh, resides in the Hut of RifRanl by the Entrance of the forest. He who watches over the Chanteh, leads them as well.

One day, the people from Town Takut found out about the Chanteh’s play in RifRanl. The Takuts wanted to play in RifRanl, but they were afraid and do not know about the Guardians. Out of jealousy and frustration, The Takuts went to the king of Rohan and made a complaint about the Chantehs, saying that they broke the rules of RifRanl, and would cause trouble and catastrophe to Rohan.

The King of Rohan named Norfolk, had to do something about the breaking of the rules by the Chanteh. So King Norfolk sent his guardsman to Kumpung Chanteh to bring the watcher and leader, Teacher Eresse back to the castle of Rohan to be locked up.

King Norfolk stopped the Chanteh from playing in the RifRanl Forest because of the complaints and fear. The people of Kumpung Chanteh were upset, and so were the guardians of the Forest.

Out of the shining moon of the serene night, in the Kingdom of Rohan, there lives a group of counselors, led by Hasnik. The counselors used to play in the RifRanl forest when they were young. They knew about the Guardians. They know the truth behind the lies the Takuts spread. The counselors were people who are more connected than the rest. The counselors decided to talk to King Norfolk about the issue.

After hours of discussion, they managed to convince King Norfolk that the Chanteh’s play within RifRanl was not of rule-breaking. King Norfolk decided to visit Teacher Eresse.

After a moon-time of words and realisation, the King finally understood why and how the Chantehs played in the magical RifRanl Forest. He was amused and satisfied.

The next morning, the King released the Teacher to return to the village. Once more the people of Kumpung Chanteh, will be able to return to their old ways, playing in the Magical Forest of RifRanl.

The King, the counselor and the Chantehs knew they had to do something to relieve the people of Takuts from their fear. It is at no being of Rohan, that this land would live by with the fears and lies of one who dare not try. The Chantehs approached the Takuts to invite them into the RifRanl Forest, and taught them the ways of RifRanl. The King and Counselors quietly supported the Chantehs.

The End.

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