Justifying the value of safety in Forest School

How much does it cost to complete a safety course in Singapore and around the world? How much does it cost to get a safety officer to validate the level of safety in the building or your work facilities? How much does it cost to have security and protection in this world? How much does it cost to go through treatment with a therapist in any field? To whom and why are we paying this amount to them? In the world we live in, we pay a large amount of money to people with certain qualifications in ensuring safety. These services and products seem exclusive thus the value of these increases over time. And yet even through the stringent level of checks and qualification, we still see shortfalls in all industries, either from human error, or a failure to understand the elements within and around. What is your definition of safety?

Justifying the value of safety in the forest school is of paramount importance for people who have yet to understand what forest school truly means. The value of safety lies in our capacity as a community to be aware in the event of risk to prevent any unfortunate outcome/incidence. The amount of homework and effort being put in by our team and villagers as a whole to ensure safety through 5 elements; Physical, Biological, Emotional, Mentally, Spiritually, is immense. The combination of these elements as part of our safety evaluation is something unique to our Forest School Singapore. In addition, it is a pioneering movement beyond our common one dimensional understanding of safety which are commonly based on risk and fear.

The price tag we set is a reflection of our reasonableness to the society’s cost of living. But the value of safety we provide far outweighs what the numbers can validate.

Safety by fear is only a matter of time. What this essentially means is that when we think about safety in terms of fear, we set ourselves up with the definitive certainty that safety will be compromised.

On the other hand, safety by trust is when we rely on our senses, instincts, nature, god and everyone else in the community to provide the needed protection. Just as in nature, it is the ecosystem of different entities that keep our Earth alive and flourished.

One of the biggest differences in our safety value is that we impart risk awareness to our participants. They are the co-evaluators in deciding if the situation is dangerous through the facilitation of the coaches and reflection of their own observations and experiences. Our safety doesn’t come from one person; it comes from all.




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