Involve children in Creating a Balance Environment

Involving learners in sustainable woodland management

The process of involving our young learner in sustaining the woodland, requires them to firstly understand why, and realise their own motivation to do so. It’s one that requires practices and habits from little things like not throwing rubbish in the forest to returning the material they collected from the forest back to the most suitable place, for it to be “recycled” back into nature.

Firstly, to involve learners in the woodland management, requires them to understand the importance of taking care of their own environment, and in a personal sense, their own PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), gears and items. So to involve them at the sustainable level, we will have to start from the most basic, self-care.

Learners will be facilitated via questions and requests to ensure that they have their items with them at the start of the day, and end of the day. They will share awareness of the woods and its creatures via stories and observing animals, plants.

From these elements, we can reflect with them about the need to take care of the woodlands we survive in, and love so much. We explore why we have sustainable woodland management. From there, allow the learners to develop their own ways to go about being involved in sustainable woodland management.

As the Leader of the group, we can engage them in “Health Check” and “Environment Bathing”, to get them to take part in the care taking of the environment. I will also try to introduce an awareness to the learners about how our presence, no matter how small, has an impact on the woodland environment.

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