Interview: Coach David

“Coach’s Interview”, is our coverage series for the people who takes the various session of Forest School Singapore. Like a little Diary of the different Forest School we have in FSS. You will get to hear the stories, motivation and visions of our lovely Coaches. For this episode we have:

Coach David
Forest School Singapore (2018-2021)

 had a busy time with a huge project in July, followed by a long stint in reservist in August. All through this period, my regular sessions with Forest School have been less of a priority, and in a sense neglected Forest School, and went into sessions without truly connecting with my kids and the forest. The sessions at times felt long and all I wanted was to finish them to get to doing other things.

After about 3 weeks away from it, the return felt right. I felt excited to wake up and see all my kids again, and enjoy the short three hours with them in nature. And in the session, I could feel myself forgetting all of the heavy responsibilities I keep in my mind, and just be a part of what is happening in front of me. As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. I am happy to keep Forest School a part of my life, and I go in every time now with renewed energy.

Their smiling faces make it worthwhile for me. Hahahaha!

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