Importance of Identifying

Why is it important for Forest School Leader to be able to identify the Flora and Fauna?

For a forest school leader, being able to identify the flora and fauna is important, as it gives the leader knowledge to ensure that he/she will be able to recognize any safety hazard in terms of poisonous plants or creatures.

Smelling the different leaves in the forest

The ability to identify flora and fauna also helps to make the forest school session informative for the learners.

Spotting a little grasshopper

Learners will be able to touch and sense the different species with the guidance of the leader.

For example, a Yam plant has huge umbrella leaves, which is good to use as shelter from rain, however the sap of the plant stem causes skin irritation, so we have to be careful when using it.

Stalk of yam plant leaf

Being able to expose the learners to recognition of risk and sensation of physical nature interaction, will be experiences that will help in  their development further down the learning journey.

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