History of Forest School (SG v UK)

A brief look into the history of Forest School in Singapore and United Kingdom


Forest School is a new pedagogy in Singapore, where nature and outdoor learning has only been introduced as a key component of education, in recent years.

However, the understanding of the connections between children and nature is still not as strong. There is more focus on benefits and objectives, when it is being promoted to the public. And that  is just a glimpse of the true meaning of a forest school.

Nature-based programs are sprouting around Singapore, with Waldorf School, and other nature based programs being set up in Singapore during the course of the past few years. However, there isn’t a full fledge forest school where by children spend 90 percent of their time outdoor


Forest School family in UK, during our one-week training program at Sheffield

In UK, Forest School truly begin in the late 1990’s when the society and education landscape shifted from a outcome and teaching approach to various alternative form of education.

From there, birth the first actual Forest School in UK. It took Forest School almost 10 years, to gain traction in the education landscape.

Over the past few years, UK Forest School has developed into a high quality education, that adopts the nature of the environment and people.

In my opinion, the British added their precision into the program, and that gave the UK Forest School models, more accreditation and focus, a much better model that could fit with the City people’s mindset.

(For the long details of history :http://www.forestschoolassociation.org/history-of-forest-school/)

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