Fostering Resilient, Confident, Independent and Creative learners

What are the ways  in which Forest School fosters resilient, confident, independent and creative learners?

Forest School philosophy, style and execution, naturally gives the process and the environment that fosters resilient, confident, independent and creative learners.

Risk-benefit plans and assessment, allows the leaders and learners to participate safely in activities that allow for falls and mistakes, creating the environment that learners can climb, fall and get up on their own or with their peers help, that’s where resilience is fostered, when learners could accept their own mistakes and falls, and get back up.

Trekking and exploring the environment that is beyond the learners’ expectation of themselves, crossing their limits, allows them to develop the can-do spirit and a subtle trust in their own capability. That leads to confidence being realised in our learners.

In Forest School, learners are encouraged and asked to make their own decision with their peers, and deal with the consequences of their decision together. They have to conduct their own self-care routine, within the boundaries of the program, and participate in caring about others gradually. The whole process allows the learners to grow independently, being aware of their own decisions and outcomes.

The creative aspects are fostered through the making of craft, tools and stories, in imagining about the things that we can do with the materials that are given to us. The adaptation and imagination process fosters creativity in a child.

These are how the four aspects can be fostered in a forest school program. There are more ways and activities that will foster resilience, confidence, independence and creativity in the forest school, we are only scratching the surface of the whole array of possibilities. Here in Forest School Singapore, we are also constantly learning from the environment, community and learners about the magical ability of forest school to develop all these elements and beyond.

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