Forest School Training @ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I’ve learnt so much going to KL to deliver a training for our northern neighbours and their fellowship. It was not just about the Malaysian jungle, culture and way of life, but also the craft of nature school that has been around the land for centuries.


What captured my attention the most was the way the Orang Asli lived.

In the Orang Asli ways, there is no farming, only hunting, foraging and fishing. Because the land itself provides so much, that the people do not need to do farming to reserve food and livelihood.

So as long as the people are not greedy, the land will provide enough.”

That is a big realisation to the environmental story of mankind today. It is not all our ingenuity and innovation that will salvage Mother Earth from our brutality and exploitation. It is our kindness, simplicity and trust in the land. If we fear that we lack enough resources and decide to let fear lead us to greed, we will destroy all that have given life to us, no matter what innovations we come up with in being eco-friendly and all.

I know I have more to learn. And being in this journey with forest school, nature and environment has brought an insight deeper than what can be seen on the surface. We need to look within ourselves for the resolve to truly live in harmony with our fellow creatures on earth. We need to love one and all in its purest and most authentic form; without structural, political,  institutional or man-made formula. Just simple natural feelings that binds us all together.

Are we ready?

By Coach Darren

(An interesting experience during that trip…)

“Everybody Goooooooo” a voice vibrated through the jungle, at 3am in the wee early morning.

Awakened, I close my eyes to understand what I need to know. A stewardship is required for this jungle. They ask for her (an individual in the group) to take the lead.

After having a private word with her, I realise the Orang Asli living in the jungle have also passed her the same message previously.

Mystical as it sounds. It is true in every sense of my experience.

This was what happened in the Malaysian jungle during my 4day3night stay in the jungle of Gombak, Kuala Lumpur.”

Coach Darren (2018)
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