Fire Activity Set Up

Group management procedure for setting up fire in the campsite

House rules need to be set early, with clear boundaries of where the no-go zones are (e.g. fire pit). The boundaries can be demarcated using visible items or have some of the children/coaches to stand guard.

One adult personnel need to be managing the fire at all times.

Next we can everyone a task/role to carry out, so as to give everyone a sense of ownership to the fire made, this will ensure better awareness and concern about each other during the activity. This will give the participants self-confident about their ability to contribute to the outcome.

A list of the task could be

1. Starting the fire
2.Collectiing sticks and fuel
3. Set up food/drink and rest area
4. Set Up Emergency area

(Take note: These are guiding points to have a better understanding of Fire-based activity, however do also take into context your area of activity, environment and group dynamic)

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