Environment “Management”

What are the sustainability of current and historic woodland management techniques in own location?

The remaining greens in Singapore

Woodland management in Singapore, has been largely managed by the national parks agency. In the past, the forest in Singapore, were managed by village communities, they manage the woodland by observing the environment, making necessary changes to their own lifestyle and living, to ensure that the woodland can be sustainable.

Usage of land in Singapore, more greens are going to be move away to make way for development

But with the introduction of industrialisation, the natural practices dwindle, so in the past 100 years, the woodland management has been poor, with lots of modern structure and convenience taking over the natural forest location. We spend alot of time behind the science and economical motivation for our survival, then adapting and living together with the woodland.

However in the past half a century, the government authority has selected a few nature reserve for conservation and protection. In those forest, the woodland are well managed and receive frequent landscape “hair cut” etc.

Macritchie Forest

In the current woodland management deployed by the authority, there is a huge emphasis on environmental research and understanding before taking action to protect the land, there has also been huge effort to regrow the organism and allow for greener environment around neighbourhood. The effort has seen reappearance of many creatures not seen in Singapore mainland, like the Sea Otters and Pitcher Plants.

The “Green Corridoor” behind Dover

The only aspect of these conservation work that bewilders me, is the fact that, we are removing natural lands gradually, but “renovating” the lands and urban landscape, with millions of dollars to make it “green”.

One such case, is the green corridoor, which is going to be reconstructed, into another wooden plank and sign board filled park, instead of the wild and accepting nature she was.

If we just allow the natural land to be as it is, and make conscious effort to consume less, will we be able to have a better management of our our own land?

The Forest behind Rifle Range Road
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