Why is it a Drop-off at Forest School

Forest School is a School.

One of the toughest proposition for many parents to understand in the forest school is the Drop Off.

The application of drop off is paramount to the learning and full nature experience of Forest School. But we must first say, it is important for children to have basic experience and trust with the coaches and environment in Forest School before a drop off can happen.

Drop off in FS is the condition where parents let their kids go independently with the Forest School group without any parents by the side.

The self-awareness and independence of a child is induced in this platform, when they realise they are now on their own in terms of handling their own logistics, decision and self-care.

When faced with tough challenges, they learn to face it on their own, or tap on the united strength of the group including their schoolmates/friends, coaches and the environment.

They form reflection around experience that they choose to take. The depth of learning and realisations are much deeper than had it been instigated by any adults instruction.

We have seen children form their own creative ideas and activities after being left to feel bored after a while. They learn to prioritise the activities that matters more to them afte exploring a few of them. They stop relying on others to feed them with ideas, but formulate their own. These ideas stick to them very dearly, even to the point that they are willing to spend hours on the project and even abandon so called “fun” ideas that adults try to introduce.

Children also bond together better when left on their own with their friends. They learn to take on different roles, delegate and genuinely help each other, because of the challenges that nature provide. They realise the strength in helping, sharing and caring not because it is a morally right thing to do, but because they realise the beauty and advantage in being one. The authentic realisation forms deep character traits in them.

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