Development through Play in Forest School

Implementing Learning and Development through Play in Forest School

During play, learners will enjoy themselves while interacting with the people/environment (In full throttle, with a jumpy vigour). They will show focus in the activity that they are interested. These state of mind, are the best moments for development and learning.

Physical Development occurs when the child attempts to pick and put different materials together. It also happens when they explore tough and challenging terrain.

Other forms of development (holistic, spiritual, character etc) occur steadily through other interactions and activities, that are all child-led throughout the forest school session. The learning occurs when leaders facilitate through raising questions and points of reflection for children to think about sub-consciously while they play.


The learning and development are enhanced when the adult figures (Leaders and Parent Volunteers) in the Forest School community joins in during the play, that will reinforce the experience for children, and build stronger relationship between children, adults and the environment. This relationship will give the elements gain from the learning and development a pillar to grow and sustain.

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