An Observation of our Floral & Fauna

Year : 2017

Air, water and food are three aspects that keep us alive physiologically. Air is something that is accessible as and when we want. Water is accessible as long as we get close enough to the source. Food on the other hand, depends on other organisms providing us with their resources when they choose to give. Flora and fauna is the basis for understanding our sustenance providers and nature.

To understand Singapore’s and SEA flora and fauna, we have to observe and experience the environment when we are out. The weather in the region is hot and humid as it is tropical weather. The combination of the weather allows for a natural life cycle that is faster than normal. Decomposition is higher in hot and humid weather. Plants and animals break down faster in this end which then provide nutrients back into the ecosystem. This pattern is a characteristic of the Singapore environment.


The seeds of the plants are usually not for consumption, just like any young organism in the animal kingdom. Even in human society, we generally do not condone the consumption of young animals. Young seedlings are similar to the young animals in the animal kingdom where they are protected to ensure their survival of their species. Young animals have parents to protect them when they are young. Young seedlings on the other hand do not have the protection of their parents, hence they develop hard shells/husks or poison to prevent their species from being killed over time.

In an urban landscape like Singapore, having the remaining forest spaces is a luxury for all of us. The plants and animals in Singapore in the past decade have learnt to adapt to our urban landscape and our way of life. We observed two main forms of adaptation. One is the shrinking of their own consumption of resources due to smaller forest spaces, they reduce their own physical size and population so that they would not require that much land space to survive. Second day they adapt is by using a human created, artificial environment to nest and feed. For example, birds stop nesting on trees and start nesting on the highway.


Flora and fauna is an ecosystem that survives through the balance of all organisms. Every plant and animal, no matter how harmful or sinister may be to us humans, serves a purpose in the ecosystem to keep the system alive. In the absence of the flora and fauna in our world, it will create a “black hole”. This “black hole” will be filled up by other elements e.g. sand, water or other organisms which will destroy the balance in the system and that will be the end for the ecosystem.

What we can do on our end now would be to go out and experience and embrace the flora and fauna in Singapore. See it as being equal to us humans, we acknowledge the presence of all these organisms and seek the knowledge that helps us understand them (Flora & Fauna). Last but not least we help each other because we love each other, plants, animals and humans.

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