Pygmalion Effect

Hello everyone🌱, we will be releasing materials for various topics that is related to us in our work with you and your child. We wanted to keep in touch and engaged you despite recent measures of drastic reduction in human interactions.

Every week we will release 2 to 3 materials that you can engage the community with, the coaches will be here to support you and your child through this difficult period yup. 😊

This week’s sharing written and shared by:
Coach Ben (Master Coach & Training Specialist for FSS)

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Pygmalion Effect

Once in a while we experience phenomenons that is relatable but indescribable to us, as parents, coaches, peers, friends, spouses etc. The key to understanding relationships are kept behind a number of theories and distinctions that are actually well researched by the scientific community! A youtube channel named Sprouts releases videos that helps explain why things happen the way they do, and it has helped us understand numerous situation that arose during our work with your kids! 🌱

Link to Sprouts –

Have you experience any interesting phenomenon through the your journey in Forest school? Share them with us! 🦉🐗🦋🕷️🦀🐊

In Forest School, whenever a new family gets expose to us, a common concern was whether their child would fit into the FS approach. We would usually then explain that Forest School is a community, where parents, siblings, coaches and new friends will come together to make things work.

Forest School is confident because we understand the Pygmalion Effect, that regardless the of what a child may be, we believe in them. Our beliefs influence our actions to give them the best experience, and in turn reinforces their belief in their our self worth, which influences their own actions. It then evolves into a positive cycle.

You can find out more about the Pygmalion Effect from the following video 🌱


Forest School work closely with children with special needs, our kids accept without judgement and people often ask us how are we able to do what we do, day after day.

The simple answer to it, is that we accept. No one expects another to be someone they are not, they are encouraged to express themselves, even though they may feel different, our key was acceptance.

We have worked with many kids diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorderm ADHD for short, you can have a look at this video from many of Sprouts to better understand ADHD and understand them like we do in Forest School.



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