Coach Interview: Rebecca Ko

“Coach’s Interview”, is our coverage series for the people who takes the various session of Forest School Singapore. Like a little Diary of the different Forest School we have in FSS. You will get to hear the stories, motivation and visions of our lovely Coaches. This time we have,

Coach Becky
Current: Manpower Manager (2018 – Now)
Previous: Core Team (2017) and Vice Principal (2017)


Q: You are one of the earliest coaches! What made you join Forest School back in 2017?

I really enjoy working with kids and love the outdoors so I thought Forest School was a good opportunity to explore. Also, I wanted to find out more about the Forest School pedagogy where the learning is child-led, which is different from the education I have experienced.

Q: Now that you are training to be a PE teacher, how has Forest School pedagogy and style impacted upon your learning and teaching?

Forest School allows me to see teaching in a different light. In the past, I would always think that children can be incapable of making decisions, and thus adults would make the decision for them, thinking it’s for their best. Through Forest School, we also engage the children in a lot of reflective thinking by reflecting on their actions and how it impacts others and the environment. This is one thing I use in my teaching in school.

Q: One thing you have gained the most from Forest School?

Learning from the children themselves. They taught me a lot of life lessons such as overcoming fears and being resilient even when the times get tough. Seeing how they overcame their fear and obstacles really made me proud because it wasn’t easy for them. There were so many times when they wanted to give up when they encountered something they were really afraid of, or it was difficult for them. However, they persevered through and overcame it. I think it’s a very important life lesson that I as an adult can learn from.

Interviewed by Coach Shimin


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