A view of Haze, by Forest School Leader

For your reference on the haze. Due to my work in the outdoor-forest, and having  asthma myself. I have conducted a deeper research into the haze situation and the contingency, referencing from the haze contingency from NEA, MOE, SAF, SMU and AQI (a global measurement index on air quality) in addition with my observations. Here are some point to consider and maybe helpful.

1. 🌬Do take note of the wind direction during the day and the forecast. It plays a big part
for this haze season. The south blowing wind are the ones who tend to bring the thicker haze over. The east and west winds spreads it across the sea

2. 🌡The readings are now not as accurate as the past, due to climate change and the various effect CC brings. I believe the measurement instrument are not able to keep up with nature’s high frequency adjustment. Alot of the forecast are inaccurate. The actual real time readings are probably the most accurate data we have.

3. 🌻Observe our surrounding and use our own body instinct. Our senses are the clearest sign of the impact it has on us. Trust your body. If you feel uncomfortable and sickly, you will need to find some resolution.
(Take rest, hydrate well and put your health first)

4. 😷 The mask can be a temporary resolution, but the weather (heat and humdity) can obsolete our man-made items very quickly. Hence making it lose its intended effect.
(Use it sparingly, not as a full proof solution)

5. 🌳 The trees are the best purifier for the haze. However, the terrain and density of the trees are important to gauge where it will have a overriding effect on the haze. Open field spaces are not a good purifier.
(Ironically we cut down so many trees in our own land, causing loss of the purifiers and regulators.)

6. 🔥 This haze is largely a land effect, meaning the fire is rooted into the ground. Rain from the sky wont be able to douse it as much as wetness spreading across the land.
(We can try to put water into soil area instead of the drains to help with that. With understanding that our earth is connected in ways beyond our imagination).

7.  The intention of the collective will help this situation much more than pointing fingers and trying to prevent against an air based issue.
(We have to first acknowledge that our lifestyle breeds the behaviour from others around us to feed our comfort. We are the cause of this haze. From there on in, with intentional actions, prayer and blessing, we can collectively help affect the trees and lands that is our home.)


These are some of my thoughts, observations, studies and understandings.

Take care everyone. Hope this helps physically, mentally and spiritually.

By Coach Darren

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