Village of Chanteh

Once upon a time, in the land of Rohan, there lives a group of villagers called Kumpung Chanteh. The Chanteh lives and play happily in the magic forest beside the village. The Chantehs got their permission to play in the forest from the elders Aframohs who are the guardians of the forest.
But one day, the people from the town Takut, saw the Chantehs in the magic forest, playing. They felt, unjust. The Takuts also want to play in the magic forest. But they were afraid. The Takuts went to the king of Rohan and made a complaint.
The King of Rohan named Norfolk. King Norfolk had to do something about the complaint. So King Norfolk sent his guardsman to kumpung Chanteh to bring the teacher in Kumpung Chanteh back to the castle of Rohan to be locked up.
The people of Kumpung Chanteh were upset. The elders in the forest, were also upset.
King Norfolk disallowed the Chanteh from playing in the magic forest because of the complaints. However, in the Kingdom of Rohan, there live a group of counsellors, led by Hasnik. The counsellors used to play in the forest when they were young. They knew the benefits of playing in the forest. The counsellors were people who are more connected than the rest. The counsellors decided to talk to King Norfolk about the issue.
After hours of discussion, they managed to convince King Norfolk that playing in the forest is right. King Norfolk decided to go to the prison to visit the teacher of Chanteh named Alves.
King Norfolk had a good conversation and the King finally understood why and how the Chantehs play in the magic forest.
The next morning, the King released the teacher to return to the village. And, once more opened up the magic forest for Kampung Chanteh.
The King, the counsellor, the teachers, the Chantehs and the elders knew they had to do something to relief the people of Takuts from their fear. They came together and helped the Takuts to visit the forest and play.
The End.



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