Setting Up Fire

Describing an effective group management procedure for setting up fire in the campsite?

House rules need to be set early, with clear boundaries of where the access points and danger zone should be.


One personnel need to be managing the fire at all times.

The boundaries can be demarcated using Ropes and Wood Pegs, ensuring that the height of the customised barricade is visible and wont create a trip hazard.


Next we have to give everyone a task/role to carry out, so as to give everyone a sense of ownership to the fire made, this will ensure better awareness and concern about each other during the activity.

This will give the participants self-confident about their ability to contribute to the outcome.


A list of the task could be

1. Starting the fire
2.Collectiing sticks and fuel
3. Set up food/drink and rest area
4. Set Up Emergency area

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