Learning in Forest School

What is the Forest School approach to learning?


(A summarized version)

The Forest School approach to learning consist mainly of 2 aspect, the metacognitionand the wholesome well-being of the learners.

In metacognition, it is about learning how to learn, where learners understand and find out about their own process and journey of learning, through the exploration, discovery and adaptation of their environment and the elements that lead to their decision on their learning.


This process gives learner a sense of possibility to any interest that they wish to engage in, as they can adapt based on the learning mechanism they realize about themselves and would willingly continue exploring. Learning from what the land gives to you, through their own metacognition, is an important part of Forest School Approach to learning.


The other aspect that is part of the approach, is the wholesome well-being of the learner in Forest Schools. It is to recognize that the emotional, spiritual and social states of the learner has a big effect on the knowledge and skills that they will obtain in the Forest School.

How they think about themselves, affect how they feel about their own competency of the skills and knowledge they learnt. These sense of personality security, gives them more confidence and motivation to learn, which negates the element of displeasure when learning something that the learner is not interested. They will be able to enjoy their learning, even when it is tough.

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