Learners impact on self & others

How does learners behaviour impact on self and others learning and development


A learners, positive or negative behaviour have impact on their own subsequent learning and development, as well as the fellow learners around him/her.

When a learners exhibit positive attitude, and willingness to explore and try, he/she actually help liberate his/her peers from the fear of uncertainty ahead, they will inspire friends and peers to try with them, hence more experience that leads to reinforcement of their learnings and development.


However a learner, that is insecure and upset easily, may act up on his/her friends, behaving nastily to other learners, when he face something he/she is afraid of.

The behaviour, then causes other learners, to choose not to play with him or her, reducing opportunity for the learner to experience and develop.

Other children will also be prevented from having the opportunity to learn and develop with the particular child, who may possess a unique perspective to some challenges and imagination play.

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