The Forest School Education Series (FSES) is the awareness website to introduce Forest School’s pedagogy to people who are interested in this unique style of learning, growth and development, and those who wants a loving and more connected world to live in.

“Forest school to me represents the true genuine and sincere way of learning, unbounded by human agenda, led by environmental needs and the children’s brilliant ingenuity and character. It is the most beautiful form of learning for it is rooted in our soul.

Imagine an earth called “Millions of years of Natural Learning” being engulfed and put to silence by a huge layer of plastic rim called “Centuries of Education Models”. But these education models, that controlled us for the past few centuries, are showing signs of breaking. Cracks are evident. From within the cracks, all the different forms of Natural Learning emerge. They spread out across the rim, reducing the suffocation from the Models.

We come so far in human civilization, only to realise at the end of all our various civilizations’ demise, nature has always stood through time, the plants and creatures, through their learning ways, and maybe that is our way too. Maybe that is where we need to learn from to continue living with love and care for each other”

– Darren Quek (2016)